We make sure that the Michael Wenden Aquatic Leisure Centre is accessible to everyone. We pride ourselves on providing opportunities and access to all programs and facilities for participants and spectators.


On Arrival

The pathway to the centres only entry provides a step-free access from our car park. Our railed ramp is perfect for those in wheelchairs, using mobility aids, using prams or for people unable to walk upstairs. Once you walk through our two glass sliding doors, you will be greeted by one of our friendly customer service officers.

Reception and Customer Service

Michael Wenden Aquatic Leisure Centres reception desk is levelled with and directly opposite our entranceway. Reception staff will promote our centre's ease of access layout and assist you in any way possible.

Where can I go?

Passage Ways

With wide Hallways and doorway, open outdoor space with wide connecting footpaths, we can ensure you that you can access all of our facilities.

Toilets and Change Rooms

There are male and female toilets and change rooms throughout the centre, all of which are a wheelchair, pram and mobility aid accessible. These can be found :

  • Stadium
  • Indoor pool area - includes change table and accessible toilet
  • Across from Kiosk (main) - includes change table
  • Next to the splash park

Indoor Hydrotherapy and Program Pool

From reception, the indoor hydrotherapy and program pool is accessible via a flat 15m walkway. Hold onto the rails and use our stair access to get into the shallow end of the pool. Both sides of our program pool are equipped with rails making it easier to hold yourself upright in the water.

For those who are unable to walk downstairs please make reception staff aware, so they can get a lifeguard to assist you with our pool hoist and provide access to our aqua wheelchair. 

Outdoor 50m Pool

Two main paths lead directly to the 50m pool in which connect right at the very end. Wheelchair, pram and mobility aid accessible, you can make complete rotations around the pool. 

Splash Park

Staying on our pathways, you can access our splash park via the Kiosk area. Wide entry points make it accessible for those with a wheelchair, aqua wheelchair, prams and mobility aids. Large and spacious, everyone can stay inside the splash park area without getting wet. 

Group Fitness Room and Gym

Our fitness facilities are easily accessible via our footpaths and hallways. 

Michael Wenden Aquatic Leisure Centre

Need more information on the Michael Wenden Aquatic Leisure Centre? Please feel free to get in touch and speak to our friendly reception staff.

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